It is true that the most important things in our lives happen in restaurants and in conjunction with a meal; things like family reunions, holidays, first dates, birthdays, anniversaries, and important meetings. In fact, there is still no better way to bond relationships, learn life’s lessons, or enjoy idle chit-chat with a dear friend than to sit down at a table and break bread. Whether it is fast or fine, casual or convenient, what we eat and who we choose to share our meal occasions with is deeply personal.
Restaurant experiences impact us all, and in ways that nothing else does. The astronomical number of restaurants, the more than 13 million restaurant employees, and the unreal number of restaurant vendors providing an ever-growing number of products and services is truly staggering; but, it’s not just about the giant size of the industry, it’s really more about the everlasting impact that restaurants play in each and every one of our lives.
Restaurants were the world’s first “social networking” and continue to be the place where real life experiences play out for us all. It is here – within the heart of restaurants - where my passion grew for what has now become my entire life’s work.
If you have an interest in chatting about restaurants or would like to get to know me, my company, my brands, or my life’s work in greater detail, feel free to reach out to our corporate office at any time.
Whether you read one of my books or articles, attend one of my speeches or seminars, use our professional and reliable services, or simply bless me with the good fortune to assist you in achieving your restaurant goals and dreams, I hope to inspire you and leave you with a wonderful new perspective about restaurants and the restaurant industry.

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