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Church Events

Little Book Ministries believes strongly that involvement in a local church is crucial to becoming the father that our Heavenly Father has commissioned us to be. Howard travels across the state of Alabama and all around the nation in order to speak his memorable, fun, and Christ-centered messages at churches.  His evangelistic style is designed to seek out the lost sheep as it also encourages and equips Dads and Soon-to-be-Dads in your congregation.

Corporate Events

The work you do at the office may be important to the company, but the work you do at home is important for eternity.  Howard is available to share his experience with balancing business, faith, and family with your company or office, no matter what your industry or business is.  We firmly believe that employees who have better relationships at home become higher performing and more productive at work both in the long and short run.

Fishing Events

Is there a more time-honored tradition for bonding between a Dad and his child than fishing? We don't think so.  On scenic Lake Martin in the state of Alabama, Howard takes groups of Dads and their children out for boating, fishing, and quality time.  His boat, The Fisher of Men, is the perfect environment for Dads and kids to have fun while catching some fish, fellowshipping with peers, and engaging in meaningful conversations out on the water.

Fireside Chats

There's just something about gathering around a fire that is conducive to great conversation about important topics.  Howard has a passion for getting small groups of men together around open flames for conversation about all of the many challenges that fathers face.  Worship, coaching, and fellowship are the focus of each fireside chat.  Experience the freedom that comes with a safe, open, and honest environment composed of men walking side-by-side with you through similar phases of life, or sharing past experiences and lessons learned.

If you would like to ask about scheduling an event with Howard and Little Book Ministries, give us a call at 800.300.5764 or fill out the form below.

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