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I’ve never met my Earthly father. He abandoned me when I was two months old. My understanding is that he was a prominent community leader – the Chief of Police for a major city. He was financially well-to-do, highly respected within his place of employment, full of charisma and charm. He was also a serial absentee father.
My dad not only never had any sort of relationship with me or any of my five siblings, but he fathered thirty-two children in all, from six different wives, with none of his offspring getting the benefit of having a dad as far as I am aware of. I’ve never seen a picture of him. Never heard his voice. Never searched him out. I know nothing else of the man, and he knows nothing about me.
At three years of age I was diagnosed as clinically blind and prescribed these thick pop-bottle glasses. I was bullied incessantly because of them. As a young teen I was getting horrifically beaten, battered, and locked in solitary confinement for days at a time in a dirt-walled, dimly-lit basement by a man my mom had married. By my mid-teens I was angry and isolated, and in short order became the bully rather than the bullied. When I got the chance, I ran away from home and lived under the bridge near a river I grew up close to. I missed my fair share of meals and usually lacked basic necessities. Rarely did anyone lift a finger to help me out, even though most were keenly aware of what was going on and what I was going through. I had almost no friends. No real life prospects. Not much of a future ahead. Things were looking rather bleak.
One day, I decided it was better to leave everything behind, so I gathered the few belongings that I had and left my old home town and all of the associated drama and hassle behind. I moved far away. By my early twenties I was married, had moved several times to places further and further across the country. I had my first son and had conceived and started my own business. I did anything and everything to try to put that entire mess of childhood, teen years, and young adulthood behind me. I tried super hard to never look back. 
As the years passed by, my life seemed to blossom. I had been married for nearly thirty years. I had two happy and healthy sons. We owned beautiful homes, did not have a dime of debt, and I was at the top of my profession. I had written several books, traveled all over the world, and I had a pile of money in the bank. Life was all peaches and crème, or so it seemed.
Incredibly, I could not find happiness. I had no idea of what it took to find peace, joy, love, and comfort. I searched high and low for help but could not find any answers. I was miserable on the inside, and my behavior continued to reflect it on the outside in the way I treated others. I was angry, bitter, hurt, unfulfilled and just ill. I had no friends.
And then out of the clear blue, in one astounding twenty-four hour period of time everything that I had spent my entire life working for collapsed. This series of absolutely shocking events truly changed the course of my entire life, forever.
Through it all, I found Jesus and really got to intimately know my Heavenly Father. These Little Books and the lessons contained in them were originally just for me. I am honored to now share it with you.
-Howard Cannon

About Howard

Howard Cannon is the proud father of two boys.  He is also America’s most prolific and most visible forensic restaurant testifying expert. He has thirty-one years of experience and more than 200 litigation cases, and 300 pre-litigation matters to his credit dealing with state and federal courts. He handles forensic analysis and provides an unbiased opinion for the judge and jury in a variety of incidents and accidents that take place in restaurants, bars, and other food and beverage industry establishments across the nation.


In addition to A Little Book for Big PeopleHoward is also the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Starting a Restaurant, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Starting a Restaurant - Second Edition, and Restaurant OSHA Safety & Security

He has made countless appearances on various TV and media outlets, including Anderson Cooper Live, The Dr. Oz Show, Inside Edition, The Travel Channel, and many more.


To learn more about Howard, or his firm Restaurant Expert Witness, you can visit RestaurantExpertWitness.com or check out the video below.